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Piano Solo: Brazilian Composers – volume I
Book and CD, with 12 songs authored by Dulce Auriemo and complete arrangements
for solo piano by Amilton Godoy
Art Production: Dulce Auriemo and Amilton Godoy
Bilingual edition – Portuguese/English
Sao Paulo, 1991

Piano Solo: Brazilian Composers – volume II
Book and CD, with 16 songs by Amilton Godoy
Art Production: Dulce Auriemo and Amilton Godoy
Bilingual edition – Portuguese/English
Sao Paulo, 2000.


Espantaxim and The Little Magic Castle – 14 Songs by Dulce Auriemo
This beautifully illustrated publication is the first book/CD of the Espantaxim Project. The book has 14 songs that present the characters of a new children's universe story. Including poetry, music scores and a chapter with pedagogic aspects dedicated to parents and educators. This is the essence of Dulce's literary and musical work. Comes with a CD with arrangements by Amilton Godoy, one of the most important Brazilian musicians. Second edition.

Presenting the Characters

This lovely illustrated book presents 18 characters of The Little Magic Castle. Here, the children are introduced to the adorable friends of Espantaxim's Team, that where created through songs. This second edition brings together three brand new friends: Makiko, the Monkey, Tatuiuiú, the Armadillo and the Brunette Princess.

brincando-aprendendoBrincando e Aprendendo com a Turminha do Espantaxim e o Castelinho Mágico
Livro de atividades n°1, com cartinhas para destacar sem uso da tesoura, jogos criativos e figuras para colorir.
1ª edição: São Paulo, 2003. ISBN 85-88954-03-6

natalIt's Christmas
Book/CD presents the Espantaxim's Team within a Christmas theme. The song É Natal, "It's Christmas", is a partnership between Dulce Auriemo and the famous guitar player Paulinho Nogueira, to whom Dulce pays tribute. The book includes the sheet music for "It's Christmas" and a CD with this song and "Messenger Pigeon".

castelinho-magico-trovasLittle Magic Castle of Trovas - Portuguese poetry
Book/CD that displays the pedagogic importance of the "Trova" (Portuguese poetry) together with music. The story brings the lovely characters and their favorite instruments.
Delicately illustrated in watercolor, it includes music scores, a musical glossary and an interactive song that, through the same melody, will enable children to sing all the Portuguese poetry.

piano-albumMy First Songbook
2009 Jabuti Award – Didactic / Paradidactic Category. The most important and traditional Brazilian Literary Award.
Book/CD especially dedicated to beginners who have already acquired a little experience with the piano keys. The arrangements are categorized by degree of difficulty (1 to 4). This album presents 14 compositions by Dulce Auriemo, with Brazilian rhythms transcribed for piano solo and interpreted by Amilton Godoy. Includes music scores with harmonic analyses for each song. Beautifully illustrated with the lovely characters of Espantaxim's Team. This is a bilingual edition and special care was taken not to modify the meaning of the lyrics, while at the same time, making it possible for the songs to be sung in English.
1ª edição: São Paulo, 2008. ISBN 978-85-88954-06-9

colecao-bebesBabies Colletio
The babies collection contributes to children's education introducing children to the alphabet, numbers and colors through lovely images, words and characters of Espantaxim's Team by Dulce Auriemo.

ABC of Espantaxim
Livro com as 26 letras do alfabeto.
1ª edição: São Paulo, 2010. ISBN 978-85-88954-10-6

123 of Espantaxim
Livro com números de 1 a 20.
1ª edição: São Paulo, 2010. ISBN 978-85-88954-11-3

Colors of Espantaxim
Livro que apresenta as cores.
1ª edição: São Paulo, 2010. ISBN 978-85-88954-12-0

makiko-tatuiuiuMakiko e Tatuiuiú – The Forest's Guardians
Book/CD that tells, in 7 chapters, a moving story about two new ecological characters, Makiko, the Monkey and Tatuiuiú, the Armadillo. They become aware of the Amazon Forest devastation and are viewed as heroes that deserve a new song (Makiko & Tatuiuiú – a Brazilian rhythm "capoeira") .  The CD brings the narrative story and a song created by Dulce Auriemo.

antologiaAnthology Espantaxim and the Magic Little Castle – Espantaxim Award 2010
An anthology which gathers the results of the 1st Espantaxim and the Magic Little
Castle Children's Literary Contest – Espantaxim Award 2010, held during the 21st
International Book Biennial of Sao Paulo, at the booth of D.A. Produções Artísticas.
Messages and compositions by children aged 7 to 12 about the following theme were
chosen: "Guardians of Nature – What would you do to also become a guardian of
1st Edition Sao Paulo, 2011. ISBN 978-85-88954-14-4


antolologia-pinheiros-1Outono 2006 e Terra Molhada
Pequena Antologia de Escritores do Esporte Clube Pinheiros – Volume I
1st Edition: Sao Paulo, 2007

Ambrosia | Amor de Sogra
Pecados de Natal
Edition: Sao Paulo, 2007, REBRA

A Estátua
Pequena Antologia de Escritores do Esporte Clube Pinheiros-Volume II
1st Edition: Sao Paulo, 2009

A Voz que veio de longe | Tempo em Compasso
Show de talentos em prosa e verso
1st Edition: Sao Paulo, 2010 – REBRA. ISBN 978-85-366-1750-3


La voix venue de loin | La mesure du temps – French Version
Grand Show des Écrivaines Brésiliennes
1st Edition: France, 2011 – Yvelinedition. ISBN 978-2-84668-298-4


Meia Noite em Ponto... e Tem Momentos
O Indiscutível Talento das Escritoras Brasileiras - Vol. I
1st Edition: Sao Paulo, 2011 – REBRA. ISBN 978-85-366-2384-9



akpaloÉ Natal – letra da canção
AKPALÔ / History / Basic Education – Aline Correa
Edition: Sao Paulo, 2010 Editora do Brasil press.
ISBN 978-85-10-00914-0 (student's book)
ISBN 978-85-10-00915-7 (teacher's book)


Biografia de Dulce Auriemo
Dicionário de Mulheres, by Hilda Agnes Hübner Flores
2nd Edition: Porto Alegre, 2011. ISBN 978-85-8047-004-8






akpaloPiano Solo Brazilian Composers - Vol. I
Compositions by Dulce Auriemo / Arrangements by Amilton Godoy
Modern Brazilian Graphic Design
46ª Frankfurt Book Fair theme - CBL - 1994
Panorama do Design Gráfico Brasileiro Contemporâneo
Graphic Designers -
Ronaldo Silva Rego, Gil de Godoy
Photo: Vânia Toledo
Page: 68


My First Song Book
Dulce Auriemo and Amilton Godoy
Catalogue - 51º Jabuti award 2009
2º second place didactic / paradidactic
Publishing House - D.A. Produções Artísticas
Page: 47

akpaloLiterary Works
Rights Catalogue 2011 - Brazilian Publishers
5 works by Dulce Auriemo
Publishing House - D.A. Produções Artísticas
Pages: 28 e 29


Literary Works
Rights Catalogue 2011 - CBL - Câmara Brasileira do Livro
7 works by Dulce Auriemo
Publishing House - D.A. Produções Artísticas
Pages: 46, 47, 48 e 49