Characters | Getting to Know the Group

They are inseparable friends who are always flying around the gardens together. They fly in a line, in a train-like formation.

They are ecological and defend nature. They know all of the flowers and plants of the Little Castle. They take part in the games of the group and are very much fond of music. They can play the flute and sing.

Little Yellow: The chubby little butterfly, but also the smartest and the first to arrive.

Little Red: The most controversial and talkative little butterfly. 
She also loves to kiss her friends.

Little Blue: The thin and vain butterfly, who is always daydreaming.  She is always the last one to arrive.

Her favorite instrument is the flute.


Três Borboletinhas

Voa voa borboleta amarelinha
Passeando... passeando no jardim
Vem pousar aqui na minha janelinha
Vem voar... vem voar... perto de mim

Bate... bate... bate as asinhas
Faz assim... assim... assim...

Voa... voa... borboleta vermelhinha
De carona com o vento a rodar
Um beijinho doce em cada florzinha
Como faz o beija-flor no seu lugar

Bate... bate... bate as asinhas
Faz assim... assim... assim...

Voa voa borboleta azulzinha
A terceira foi a última a chegar
Bem depressa alcançou a amiguina
No trenzinho colorido pelo ar...

E lá se vão... as três borboletinhas
Uma... duas... três...
bem juntinhas outra vez...

Lyric/music and voice: Dulce Auriemo
Arrangement/piano and keyboard: Amilton Godoy / Zimbo Trio 
Flute: Débora de Aquino
CLAM children's choir