Characters | Getting to Know the Group


A friendly, fun and cheerful monkey.  He cheers everyone up with his playful attitude. But he does know there is a time for everything. When he is serious about his job to take care of nature, he shows his responsible side, as a monkey concerned about forest conservation.

He wears a pair of pants made out of banana leaves, shoes made out of banana skins, a coconut hat and a necklace with a hanging banana.

He always carries his powerful red binoculars with him.

He greatly enjoys music and is very rhythmic.

His best friend is Tatuiuiú, the Armadillo. They have been together in the forest ever since they were born.

His favorite instrument is the tambourine.


He is an attentive, perfectionist and very responsible little armadillo. He is always helping his friends and wants to make sure everything is always well.

He wears a forest ranger outfit with a water flask hanging from his shoulder and a magnifying glass in his pocket.

He was born on the same day as Makiko, his best friend. By coincidence, World Environment Day is celebrated on that day, June 5th. He was proud to be assigned by Granny Dudu the important mission of guardian of nature. He is truly keen to alert everyone about the dangers of cutting down forest trees.

His favorite instrument is the Brazilian berimbau.



Makiko e Tatuiuiú

Dois amigos que nasceram na floresta do Xingu
O macaco que é o Makiko, o tatu Tatuiuiú
Como irmãos eles cresceram defendendo a natureza
Pois um dia resolveram proteger tanta riqueza

Caminhando, caminhando, pela mata brasileira
A viver sempre salvando nosso verde da bandeira
Seringueira, cajueiro, pau-brasil e jatobá
Tem palmeira, tem pinheiro, flor do ipê e maracá

Lá debaixo de um coqueiro uma grande barulhada
Com dois cocos e um pandeiro é o Makiko em batucada
E o tatu muito afinado acompanha a capoeira
Berimbau que é bem tocado tem a ginga brasileira

O macaco, que é o Makiko, o tatu Tatuiuiú
O macaco, que é o Makiko, o tatu Tatuiuiú

Lyric/music and voice: Dulce Auriemo
Arrangement/piano and keyboard: Amilton Godoy
Percussion and sound effects: André Magalhães

The CD brings the music and the narrative
story by the author with the sounds of the forest