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“Music is a fascinating and captivating art!  A music score is a safe way for a composer to record his or her creation and make it possible for other musicians to play it.  I invited my dear master and friend, pianist Amilton Godoy, to share with me the arrangements of all of the songs.”...
Dulce Auriemo

The Espantaxim Project books come with the corresponding music scores.  There is a magical affinity between children and the musical language, which should be explored and linked to the educational context, thus awakening an interest in the music learning process early on.

In the book/CD Espantaxim and The Magic Little Castle - 14 songs by Dulce Auriemo, you will find a special chapter with all of the sheet music for piano and singing, the guitar, the flute and other instruments in treble clef, which are notated in accordance with the original CD recording.

Click to see the music scores (melody and staff notation) of some songs by Espantaxim’s group.



In a work dedicated to beginner musicians, the 14 songs of Espantaxim and the Magic Little Castle were transcribed for solo piano by Amilton Godoy in the book/ CD entitled “My First Song Book” – a 2009 Jabuti Award winner, 2nd place in the Educational Material category. Bilingual Edition.

The album brings complete arrangements with harmonic information using international staff notation, and including notation of fingering and nuances.

Click and see the complete sheet music (for solo piano):